Best Network Marketing Era Ever is here. Enter Web 2.0!

The best network marketing era to have ever existed is now made possible from Web 2.0 on the Internet. There are literally thousands of people every month flocking to the Internet from network marketing to learn ‘attraction marketing’. It has provided many people the chance to actually succeed with network marketing, after year upon year of failure. When you combine the current state of the world’s economy with the ‘gold rush’ of Web 2.0 – it is easy to see the exciting possibilities. The amount of money available is ridiculous.


Through using attraction marketing skills you can have quality network marketing leads contacting you, rather than you chasing them, and this is basically done through positioning yourself in front of your target market (other network marketers) as a leader.

Some of the more popular Web 2.0 sites where this is happening are Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube. There are currently thousands of people attempting to master attraction marketing by branding themselves and basically marketing themselves – BEFORE they even talk to prospects about their opportunity.

The potential that lies here for network marketers is HUGE, as the main problem network marketers have always had is where they can find good quality leads. This is undeniably the best network marketing era for anyone who truly understands what this means. Because of the Internet and the development of Web 2.0 we can now place ourselves in front of MILLIONS of interested people (compared to Uncle Sam and Aunt Peggy who never really cared anyway!) and ATTRACT people to us.

Attraction Marketing takes all the pressure off hassling your friends and family to join your business, and gives you the chance to really love and enjoy network marketing as you are spending your entire day speaking with others who are already sold on the idea of Network Marketing and are interested in YOU!

Web 2.0 is a term used to describe the new way that the Internet is being used now. In a nutshell Web 2.0 is describing the way the Internet has changed, and is more about social networking, video sharing, and people interacting more with one another than previously before on the Internet. An example of how on-line companies viewed the Web 2.0 trend was Google’s purchase of YouTube. They were able to see the trend that was happening with Internet users flocking to the interactive social video site, and so decided to purchase YouTube for a sweet little sum of $1.65 Billion.

Web 2.0 is every network marketers dream. It has produced the best network marketing opportunity simply because you can surround yourself with others who are already sold on passive income and MLM. If you want to be a successful fisherman you go where there are lots of hungry fish, NOT where there are virtually zero fish who hate worms anyway.

As well as loving rock music, Luke Shavak is a social media wizard and marketing pro. To learn how to MASTER attraction marketing, and how to BRAND YOURSELF properly with Web 2.0 visit Luke’s blog at